The holiday on lake Garda aren’t only sun, beach, aquatic sports or italian cuisine. Particulary the surroundings of the lake offer many attractions that you can do both in the North and in the South: recreation grounds (like Gardaland), Sport parks, art cities, natural monument, museums and many other...
The biggest of the nears art cities are naturally Verona, with its Romeo and Giulietta‘s balcony, the Scaligeri and the wonderful Churchs. If you want you can visit Milano (Milan), Cremona, Mantova (Mantua), Padova (Padua) and Venezia (Venice), other art cities.

Other proposals:

  • the “Vittoriale” in Gardone Riviera, where the italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio lived after the First World War. His old house has become an important museum with many highly appreciated attractions, like the stem of the cruiser “Puglia” and the airplain that D’Annunzio used in his flight over Austria.
  • The ruins of the castle Penede of Nago, with the “Marmitte Giganti”, a natural effect of the Ice Age.
  • In Capriate S. Gervasio, we can find Minitalia, a park that rappresent the Italy and his cities, in miniature.
  • The sport and free time centre of Sassabanek, on the lake Iseo.
  • The botanic garden of Arco and of Gardone Riviera, that include 2000 several types of plants, from Alps and from Amazzonia forest.
  • The national park of Capodiponte in Camonica valley with graffiti of 6000 years ago and two museums.
  • Molina di Ledro on the lake Ledro and his lake-dwellings.
  • The Valpolicella, 20 minutes by car. A advice: taste the local wine and the degustation tour in a country atmosphere.
  • The Drena castle on the Sarca valley, in the north of the lake Garda. In summer it is used like a theatre.
  • The cavern o the Trovai valley (at 10 km of Magugnano (Brenzone), a village on the lake Garda) at 1050 mt height above sea level. We can find a path on the lake.
  • At Rovereto (city at north of lake Garda), accessible with the A22 (a highway, north of lake Garda) we can admire the S. Marco Church, many Palaces, a museum and the ossuary of Castel Dante.
  • The waterfalls of Varone between Riva and Arco, in the direction of lake Tenno.

Some natural parks...
For families and single the lake Garda and his hinterland offer many attraction like:

  • the recreations ground of Gardaland in Castelnuovo, the botanic garden of Sigurta in Valeggio sul Mincio, the aquatic park of Caneva in Lazise, or Cavour in Valeggio sul Mincio, the thermal park Colà in Lazise, a zoo safari and a botanic garden, the natural park of Bussolengo. Small botanic garden are in the cities near the lake Garda, like Arco, at the foot of the castle, and like Gardone Riviera.
  • In Malcesine: the Baldo mountain (2218 mt) is considered the highest botanic garden of Italy. We can arrive here with the new panoramic cable railway, in 15 minutes (1780 mt). The botanic garden is at 1200 mt. In this garden we can walk or go in mountain-bike. At the cable railway Boccatrattospino there is the Palazzina upland. Since 2001 there is a new area for the parachuting, in Campagnola, a small village at 4 km north of Malcesine.